Here at Mid-Ulster Letting & Sales we conduct annual property inspections on all our management properties, these include check-in, check-out and mid-term inspections. We use a system called Smarter Inventories.

What is Smarter Inventories?

Smarter Inventories is a cutting-edge inventory management system designed to streamline property inspections, inventory creation, and reporting processes. Developed with the latest advancements in technology, Smarter Inventories empowers estate agents, landlords, and tenants alike by providing comprehensive and accurate documentation of property conditions.

What to expect at a Mid-Ulster Letting & Sales Inspection?

  • Our rental division either Robyn or Fiona will pre-book your appointment in. This allows for you to prepare for your inspection. We will never arrive to your property unnanounced!
  • On arrival our agent will introduce themselves and explain the process.
  • We use an Application called Smarter Inventories which allows us to take pictures and log them into a report on your personal file with us. 
  • At your inspection this is also a great time to voice and log any maintenance out standing.
  • We then go back to the office, prepare the inspection report and send off to the landlord.
  • If the landlord had any concerns we will rebook back in for a seconadry inspection.

Top Tips for your Inspection

  • Try to have the property clean and tidy
  • Voice maintenance concerns before they become worse